Taylor Fordyce Articles

The Bribery Act 2010

August 2013

Despite having been law since 1 July 2011 during the last two years, apparently it has been reported that the Serious Fraud Office has investigated or is investigating only two cases relating under the Act.  This information has become available under the Freedom of Information laws which has revealed that the SFO has apparently yet to bring any prosecutions under the anti-bribery legislation and has only three other matters which are under development. The SFO has apparently got nine other ongoing investigations relating to matters that pre-date the anti-bribery legislation and it is thought that the government will find it difficult to police the law laid down by the legislation because it does not have the budget to do so.  The SFO’s total budget will, according to sources, be cut to £32.2 million this year and to £30.8 million in 2014, but was as recently as 2008/9 more than £53 million!