Cohabitation and Living together agreements

There is no such thing as a common-law husband or wife. The law is complex and challenging and has hardly changed for decades. There are significant differences between the way the law treats married and unmarried couples which is why it is so important to obtain swift and expert advice on your legal position.

Things that may surprise you:

  • There is no right to maintenance if you split up (save for child maintenance)
  • You will have no automatic right to stay in your home if the tenancy is in your partner’s sole name
  • You will have no automatic right to stay in or share in the value of a home owned in your ex-partner’s sole name unless there is there is an agreement or understanding in place to the contrary
  • If your ex-partner has not made a will you will not automatically inherit anything from your partner including the possibility the family home if it is not owned jointly or is owned as tenants in common
  • If you inherit more than £325,000 from your partners will you will have to pay inheritance tax

We can provide advice on behalf of children for housing and maintenance.

We aim to provide clear legal advice when you buy a property together, when you have children, or if your relationship
breaks down. We can assist in drawing up a legally binding cohabitation agreement to make things clear from the start and which could save a lot of stress and anxiety and money if your relationship breaks down.