Our Services

You will need the best family law advice available when going through a separation, divorce or family breakdown.  We can help you make critical choices about your future, your children, business and finance. Our aim is to provide our clients with the knowledge and information to enable them to make valid lasting decisions impacting on their future based on the best available from our highly experienced team of lawyers.

As most couples want to avoid going to Court we offer Family Mediation and Collaborative Law as an alternative to court proceedings, but we accept that hard-hitting court procedures are sometimes necessary to achieve the best outcome for our clients. In recent months more clients have asked us to quote a fixed fee.  These are offered for services including straightforward divorce proceedings and for drafting consent orders (basic financial orders dismissing claims against each other) or other matters agreed in advance. We are also able to assist in dealing with specific limited tasks or aspects of a case without formally representing you in proceedings giving you flexibility and control of your legal costs.

What are the options and what is best for you?

  • The DIY Solution - we can help you reach agreement with your partner
    where you are still communicating and are on good terms.
  • Collaborative Law
  • Mediation Traditional Court process - you instruct us to issue proceedings and pursue matters on your behalf. This is usually a last resort where agreement is not possible but provides a timetable for resolution.  

Please see our outline of options and our Finance Settlement Procedure sheet.